About Us

Born on the blockchain in 2022, MetaRides, Inc. is at the forefront of innovation, creating Metaverse-ready vehicles, assets, and garage environments. The company also hosts MetaRides Radio, playing Web3 music in every car and garage, and has a beta version of our MetaRides Racing game on Steam. Additionally, MetaRides offers virtual marketing and branding opportunities to companies of all sizes. Through digital asset ownership, MetaRides empowers its collectors to preserve and transport their digital identities to multiple virtual platforms.


To create first-to-market digital asset brand that uncovers the endless possibilities of the rapidly growing Gaming & Metaverse landscapes.


To establish MetaRides as the leading & unparalleled source for Web3 Metaverse & gaming assets.


MetaRides, Inc. works closely with Web2 and Web3 brands to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. At MetaRides, we pride ourselves on our ability to build quality, mutually beneficial relationships with companies big and small.If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with our team, please contact either:

Mike Hurm (CEO)

[email protected]

Craig Hamer (COO)

[email protected]

Social Responsibility

hiped foundation logo
MetaRides maintains a charity wallet to support Youth Mental Health Suicide Prevention. Our registered charity of choice is The HIPED Foundation!The HIPED Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a core mission of supporting, promoting, and developing mental health awareness, education, and access for at-risk teens and young adults.Check them out!